For Benjamin Wachs:

  • “Fiction badass” – SF Weekly
  • “Storytelling mastermind” – Evan Karp, San Francisco Examiner
  • “Mr. Benjamin Wachs is a columnist; Wonder Dog is a puppy; Bob Dylan writes songs. In each instance, the category cannot contain the artist. They overflow like volcanic lava. Benjamin writes, humorously and often, for the S.F. Weekly, among other outlets. He writes about theatre. He writes about politics. He writes fiction. Whatever he writes, his wry voice and impeccably constructed sentences are distinguished and satisfying.” – Charles Kruger, San Francisco Examiner

For “A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City”:

  • Benjamin Wachs reveals a distinctive and highly personal flair for storytelling that will engage the reader’s total and rapt attention throughout.  As thoughtful and thought-provoking as they are solidly entertaining, the short stories comprising “A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City” are highly recommended and rewarding reading.” – Midwest Book Review
  • “The fruits of his travels blossom forth in this wonder-filled, often fanciful collection of short stories set in often gritty urban environments around the world. This “guide” is a book worthy of frequent detours of reading pleasures.” – Nick Schenkel, WBAA
  • “A collection of provocative, brain-teasing and magical short stories,” “sassy, brainy, soul-searching, sexy, longing, yearning — and risk-taking” – Leslie Katz, San Francisco Examiner

For Humorous political coverage:

  • “Wachs’ uproariously acid farewell to his beat … practically defines ‘going out in a blaze of glory.’ Seriously, read the whole thing.” – Dan McLaughlin,
  • “Now THIS is how you leave a reporting beat, people!” – Josh Trevino
  • “Wachs was a writer’s writer, and for those of us who cover local politics, a constant source of information and belly laughs … his resignation ends an almost three year streak as perhaps the first writer in history to cover local news on both coasts at once.” – Melissa Griffin, San Francisco Examiner


  • Artist of the Month, Blazenhoff Industries, Feb. 2016
  • San Francisco Peninsula Press Club (2nd place for best analysis ). 2012
  • San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: (2nd place for best analysis), 2011
  • New York State Press Association (3rd place for best column), 2006
  • New York State Press Association (1st place for coverage of education ), 2005
  • New York State Press Association (3rd place for best obituary ), 2005
  • New York State Press Association (1st place for local political coverage), 2003
  • Suburban Newspapers of America (1st place for “Best News Series”), 2003
  • New York State Press Association (1st place for spot news coverage), 2002