The first thing they teach you when developing your portfolio is:  you are your brand.

The first thing you need to know before hiring me is:  I am not a brand.

I am a writer and researcher who brings the full expression of my humanity to your organization, so that you can speak to the full humanity of your supporters, clients, and stakeholders.

I make complicated issues clear, understandable, and solvable.  I help you become recognized as a thought leader in your field.

I  happily perform basic web writing and MarCom tasks for friends and worthy causes – I am fluent in SEO and  page design  – but people bring me in because they need their communications to be exceptional.  They need the words that represent them to demonstrate that they are a force to be reckoned with, that their people are doing amazing things, and that their issues matter.

A few testimonials:

Dan Sewell“In the context of 30+ years of work in higher education, corporate, and non-profit environments, I’ve never met anyone better at taking complicated ideas or issues and making them crystal clear and understandable.  In the three years we worked together I’ve seen him do this for material that was going to a Board of Directors, to line staff, to the public, and to other varied constituencies. Benjamin’s value in shaping communication to provide understanding as well as helping build collaboration and community is immeasurable.”

– Dan Sewel,  Education Accreditation Consultant;  former Provost, Saybrook University


Elliotte“Benjamin deftly created a series of business-critical case studies that elevated our corporate content and delivered marked results. His crisp, concise story telling has been highly regarded by our sales team, and increased our SEO and user engagement. Professional, prompt and talented – Benjamin is an exceptional content marketing resource.”

– Elliotte Bowerman,  VP of Marketing, Sourcebits


mark-schulman“Benjamin’s work is consummately professional —  smart, creative, and robust. I recommend him to any organization that needs the talents of a writer, editor, and strategic/tactical thinker for internal and external communication.”

– Mark Schulman,  President, Saybrook University.


Erin SherbertBenjamin is a literary chameleon, the kind of writer who can make you weep and whoop at once. His research is bold, his words are witty, and his stories are delicious. An honest writer with toned humor, Benjamin’s voice will work your audience like witchcraft. .”

– Erin Sherbert,  Content Manager, Salesforce; former News Editor, SF Weekly.


william_johnson“Benjamin Wachs is one of the most incisive and thorough writers of his generation. He researches his topics carefully, and has provided readers the most reasoned and defensible positions on a variety of important subjects. I tapped his research and writing skills to prepare a major grant application for a major university. I could think of no one better suited, by skill and temperament, to join me on that assignment. “

– William Johnson Jr.,  former Mayor of Rochester, NY, and Emeritus Director of the Center for Minority Civic Engagement


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