Skills :

Writing:  I have written award winning newspaper and radio articles, website content, essays, white papers, video and podcast series, essays, criticism, press releases, profiles, in-depth research, blog posts, and crisis communication, among many other things.   I have a published collection of short stories, a novel, and a forthcoming non-fiction book in the spring of 2019.

Training and Management:  I have served on the board of directors of an arts non-profit and the executive team of an online university.  I have taught university level courses; recruited, trained and led employee and volunteer teams; led workshops, and managed events for organizations ranging from small  non-profits to large institutions.

Marketing and Branding:  I have done soup-to-nuts branding for non-profit and educational institutions,  and consulted on branding and writing for tech companies.

Staff Positions I have held include:

  • Lead Writer/Researcher (2016-2019), Burning Man Project
  • Director of Communications (2011 – 2015) and Senior Writer (2008 – 2011), Saybrook University
  • Communications Manager (2007) Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area
  • Senior Reporter and Columnist (2003 – 2006) Messenger Post Newspapers

Organizations I have contracted for include:

  • (Web Marketing and Branding)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle (Arts Reporter)
  • (News Reporting)
  • Village Voice Media/SF Weekly (Reporter/Columnist)
  • Playboy.Inc (Writer and Critic)
  • Gatehouse Media (Columnist)
  • Sourcebits (Tech Marketing)
  • Activa PR (Tech Marketing)
  • The National Center for Minority Civic Engagement (Research and Grant Writing)
  • The Center for the Integration and Improvement of Journalism (Research and Grant Writing)

Volunteer Work:

  • San Francisco Institute of Possibility (Board Chair, 2013-2018):  I served as chair of the Board of Directors of this Bay Area arts non-profit, for which I have also produced publicity videos, and led event organization and marketing efforts.
  • Burning Man (2008 – 2013):  Served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the media team of this internationally known arts event.  I was responsible for recruiting, evaluating, training, and supporting media team volunteers both year round and during the event.


 I have a Masters Degree in Linguistics (specializing in Semantics) from Purdue University,  have taught college courses at Purdue and Monroe Community College, and have guest lectured at numerous institutions.


See a partial list of awards and media references here

Contact me:  Benjamin (at) FascinatingStranger (dot) com