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Establishing thought leadership

By September 27, 2015No Comments

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.45.48 PMOur Organizational System program was doing cutting edge work in systems design for cutting edge business and non-profits, but the word wasn’t getting out.

Our strategy was to first appoint a recognized leader whose research was highly compatible with our approaches to serve as a university Scholar-Practitioner in Residence.  Chip Conley, a best selling author on business practices and a successful hotelier (now brand ambassador for AirBnB) was a natural fit, and he agreed to serve in no small part because our research and expertise was so inspiring to him.

With a recognized face for the program, we then created a series of quickly digestible stories demonstrating the kind of results our alumni, faculty, and students were having in the area of Organizational Systems design.  Combining Chip’s celebrity with these stories proved a powerful combination, whether as a piece of print collateral, a series of blog posts, or an email newsletter – the content was designed to work in any medium.

A copy of the print collateral piece (in two sections) is below.

Changing Business Culture (front and back)
Changing Business Culture (Interior)