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Turn Your Life Into Art

Lessons in Psychomagic from San Francisco's Underground

The essential guide to creating transformative experiences


The Scene That Became Cities

What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach Us about Building Better Communities

Named the best book about Burning Man by Rolling Stone


Lamenting Avalon

A limited edition collection of Fairy Tales for Adults

Less than 30 copies are left. To order, email:


The Deeds of Pounce

A novel about two goblins in San Francisco, trying not to learn anything about culture or love as they save the world!

Finalist for the 2017 Independent Booksellers Award for fantasy


A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City

Benjamin Wachs reveals a distinctive and highly personal flair for storytelling that will engage the reader's total and rapt attention throughout. As thoughtful and thought-provoking as they are solidly entertaining, the short stories comprising "A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City" are highly recommended and rewarding reading."
- Midwest Book Review


The Book of the IS, volume 1, Fail...To WIN

Essays in engineered disperfection

Written with Chicken John Rinaldi


The Book of the Un: Volume 2

Legendary showman "Chicken" John Rinaldi and I explore how to organize a successful 21st century art organization.

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Benjamin Wachs, Author: “A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City”

About nightlife as a form of pilgrimage.

Caveat Magister interviewed on Afternoon Live

The opening question, “what is Burning Man?” turns into a rich six minute discussion.

Burning Man 🔥: Everything You Need to Know – History, Philosophy, Community with Caveat Magister

Caveat Magister has been writing about Burning Man culture for the last 10 Years and is the author of the book “The Scene That Became Cities: What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach About Building Better Communities:


GLC 16 10 Principles

Caveat presents on how to use Burning Man’s 10 Principles, and leads a panel discussion with Misa Rygrova and Dr. Ian Rowan

Life Imitates Art: Burning Man and Skill Building Through Emerging Cultures

This session will use Burning Man as a primary, but not exclusive, example of the ways in which (1) emergent cultures establish not only new psychological “skills,” but new kindsof psychological skills, for developments in culture; and (2) the reason why art, broadly defined, is so often the mechanism by which this process occurs. It will examine the implications, both broadly social and uniquely personal, of these emergent movements.

Stop Thinking and Burn Already,: Action and Creative Tension as Foudnations of Burning Man Culture

Presented at the University of Fribourg with Steven Raspa and Molly Rose


Larry Harvey with Stuart Mangrum and Caveat Magister :: 2017 Global Leadership Conference

Burning Man Co-Founder and Chief Philosophic Officer Larry Harvey, Education Director Stuart Mangrum, Philosophic Center Member Caveat Magister

Theme Camp Symposium 2020: Plenary: Camps in a Time of Social Distancing

Nikki (Big Imagination), Sean (Kasbah & BWB), Caveat Magister (Burning Man Project’s Philosophical Center, “”The Scene That Became Cities””), Harley K. Dubois (Burning Man Cultural Founder). Halcyon (Pink Heart), Sandor (Houpla)

Burning Man 2016 – Art, Money and the Renaissance :: Burning Man 2016 GLC

Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey, Caveat Magister, and Stuart Mangrum address the 2016 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference about art, money and the Renaissance.


Featured WRITING

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In the context of 30+ years of work in higher education, corporate, and non-profit environments, I’ve never met anyone better at taking complicated ideas or issues and making them crystal clear and understandable. In the three years we worked together I’ve seen him do this for material that was going to a Board of Directors, to line staff, to the public, and to other varied constituencies. Benjamin’s value in shaping communication to provide understanding as well as helping build collaboration and community is immeasurable.

Dan SewelEducation Accreditation Consultant; former Provost, Saybrook University

Benjamin Wachs is one of the most incisive and thorough writers of his generation. He researches his topics carefully, and has provided readers the most reasoned and defensible positions on a variety of important subjects. I tapped his research and writing skills to prepare a major grant application for a major university. I could think of no one better suited, by skill and temperament, to join me on that assignment.

William Johnson Jr.former Mayor of Rochester, NY, and Emeritus Director of the Center for Minority Civic Engagement

Benjamin deftly created a series of business-critical case studies that elevated our corporate content and delivered marked results. His crisp, concise story telling has been highly regarded by our sales team, and increased our SEO and user engagement. Professional, prompt and talented – Benjamin is an exceptional content marketing resource.

Elliotte BowermanVP of Marketing, Sourcebits

Benjamin is a literary chameleon, the kind of writer who can make you weep and whoop at once. His research is bold, his words are witty, and his stories are delicious. An honest writer with toned humor, Benjamin’s voice will work your audience like witchcraft.

Erin SherbertContent Manager, Salesforce; former News Editor, SF Weekly

“Benjamin’s work is consummately professional — smart, creative, and robust. I recommend him to any organization that needs the talents of a writer, editor, and strategic/tactical thinker for internal and external communication.”

Mark SchulmanPresident, Saybrook University