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The Apocalypse Cabaret Manifesto – Part 1: What We Know So Far, Goddamit

A little over a year after Brexit and the Trump election, the decay of Western civilization appears to have slowed (only time can tell us for sure) as resistance has mounted. But the fundamental question – what’s going on? Why is the dominant world culture collapsing at arguably the height of its success? – still hasn’t been adequately addressed.

This is vital, not just for it’s own sake – although it really is nice to know why the world seems to be collapsing all around you – but because correctly understanding the problem is the first step in developing an understanding of the potential solutions.

It was clear even at the outset that the victories of Trump and Brexit represented a massive veto of Western culture in the modern period. As I wrote at the time, what connects these things is their fundamental rejection of the modern world view — of modernity (and yes, post-modernity) itself. Such a rejection is not, in and of itself, irrational. On the one hand, yes, modernity has brought unprecedented prosperity and individual freedom into the world, a rising quality of life on a global scale that is simply unprecedented. But at the same time it has, especially in the last 50-odd years, brought a dizzying array of changes to every factor of life, often without warning or buy-in from those effected. This includes some things are easily regarded as positives, advances in: Continue reading The Apocalypse Cabaret Manifesto – Part 1: What We Know So Far, Goddamit